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About us

The Bridge Ministries is a congregation based in George, South Africa and established in 2017. We have a heart to see God move in our generation, to see prodigals return to the house of God, lives to be transformed and to see every individual reach their full potential and discover their identity in Jesus Christ. We pursue the presence of God in our worship, ministry and daily lives.

You are invited to join us!

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to act as a bridge, reconciling people to Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, the equipping of the Word of God and through Prophetic Ministry. 


We envisage a church without walls or denominations, focusing solely on the hearts of people. 

Empowering our local community and sharing the love of God to all. 

Meet the team...

Founding Leaders
Patrick and Michele Rodriguez

Patrick and Michele Rodriguez are the Founding Leaders & Senior Pastors of the Bridge Ministries. They have a passion to see the church of the Lord Jesus Christ walking in all that God has purposed for them. The prophetic anointing that they carry has the same theme, releasing a heavenly awakening to God's glorious bride and restoring God's identity to the hearer. They are passionate about Jesus and have been in His service for over twenty years. Their heart is to gather the body of Christ together, activated for the work of God. 


Born and raised in San Bernardino, USA - Patrick came to know Jesus at the age of seventeen and testifies of how the power of the Gospel transformed his life. Leaving a lifestyle of violence, drugs and gangs behind - ''dead to sin and alive to Christ''.

Patrick pastors with a commitment to prioritise God's presence in every area of the church.


Michele is a second generation minister & serves as our Worship Pastor, singing a new song to Lord and leading our worship team. Patrick and Michele have three children & recently became Grandparents.


Prophetic Pastors 
Arno and Lynette Romijn

Arno and Lynette are senior leadership and ministry co-labourers at the Bridge Ministries. Arno and Lynette have been in prophetic ministry for many years, speaking the word of the Lord with accuracy, boldness and a gentleness that penetrates even the hardest of hearts. They have a passion to release healing, identity and restoration to the body of Christ. They have an anointing to teach the word of the Lord to the body of Christ with clarity. Arno brings a powerful, timely message to the body of Christ and provokes the church to grow into all that God has intended for her to walk in. Lynette stands beside Arno with a grace and an anointing to minister. Together hey have three beautiful children and have taught them from a young age to listen to the voice of the Lord.

Marcus and Danielle van Reenen

Marcus and Danielle are Associate Pastors at the Bridge. They have a teaching anointing and oversee our discipleship, home groups and young adults ministry. Marcus has an administrative anointing on his life and has put many prophetic strategies and ideas into place.

Danielle serves as an intercessor and as one of our worship team leaders. Together they are passionate to see a generation raised up in the fear of the Lord and walking in signs, wonders and character before the Lord. They have three beautiful children and serve the Lord wholeheartedly.

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